Top Ten Tuesday - Coziest Places to Read/Favorite Places to Read

For your reading pleasure, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

I am definitely a list maker, so this feature is *write* up my alley! (ha ha)

List topic this week is: 
Coziest Places to Read/Favorite Places to Read

1. My favorite papasan chair from Urban Outfitters
I picked it up on sale years ago, and I absolutely adore it. It's big and squishy and soooooo comfy for reading!

2. My bed
Because I have the softest sheets in the universe!

3. A balcony
Whenever I'm in a hotel with a balcony I have to sit there with a book and some tea and read for awhile.

4. The beach
Yeah, the books get all wet and sandy which is no fun, but the sun and waves make for a super relaxing reading environment.

5. A window seat
I don't have one of these, but I have always wanted one, so I could sit and read in the sunshine, and then I night I will leave the window open and wait for Peter Pan to fly in.

6. By the pool
Same as the beach, but less sand!

7. In the car
I know a lot of people can't read in the car, but I have never had a problem with that - and it makes long trips go by so much faster. One reason why I don't like to drive is that I can't read while I'm doing it!

I can't think of any more at the moment...but hey, 7 is a good number.

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