Blogger Tech: The Hemingwrite

The Hemingwrite is a distraction-free writing tool. It combines the simplicity of a typewriter with all of the modern conveniences of living in 2014: cloud documents, e-paper display, and full-size mechanical keyboard.

The Hemingwrite is the Kindle of writing composition.
The Hemingwrite is the Kindle of writing composition.


Laptops and iPads are multi-purpose devices loaded with games, social media, work email, funny cat videos, and those birthday photos you still need to edit. Like many of you, when we tried to get down to writing, we quickly found ourselves down a YouTube rabbit hole which we rationalized to ourselves as research. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you are not alone!
As our computers and phones get more powerful, we become less productive.
This is why we built the Hemingwrite, a single-function alternative.

The Hemingwrite combines the best features of all previous writing tools with the addition of modern technology. It is dedicated like a typewriter, has a better keyboard and battery life than your computer and is distraction free like a word processor. Finally, we sync your documents to the cloud in real-time so you never have to worry about saving, syncing or backing up your work.
Turn off your phone and laptop, grab your Hemingwrite, and find your typing space.

Professional quality hardware

We think a dedicated tool should be as durable as it can be! For this reason, we chose to use only the best components for our first product. The Hemingwrite is rugged enough to join you wherever you find your muse -- on the road, at the cabin, or at the pub. 

It features a daylight readable, high contrast electronic paper screen for writing indoors, outdoors, in the daytime or at night. (Good luck trying to write on the beach with a high-gloss LCD!)
The Hemingwrite features a 4+ week battery life with typical usage. Can your laptop do that?
We have included the highest quality mechanical keyboard switches for the happiest fingers – remember those old keyboards with great tactile feedback? This is like that but better.

It is all wrapped in a beautiful, lightweight aluminum housing with built-in handle.
All of the above text and media is from the Hemingwrite Kickstarter page. Check it out and pledge your support! (I am not affiliated with Hemingwrite in anyway. I just really, really want one. Preferably in turquoise:)

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